The Authentic Parchment by default, is the skin of certain animals, treated and prepared as a material, on which to write or paint.

This document provides macroscopic information for quick diagnosis of the Authentic Parchment.

1. Each piece of Authentic Parchment  bears visible data of the growth of hair of the animal (hair follicles)

2. On the back is discernible the fibrous tissue and sometimes the remains of hair.

3. When exposed to one sided light, the mass of the surface appears as a watermark, due to the fatty elements that leave visible clouds in the mass, as well as veins and nerves of the tissue and traces of parasitic lesions, pimples - wounds, which have had the animal during its life.

4. The surface of the skin is unevenly equable (scattered unevenness) because in different spots of the skin there is different thickness of hair growth and follicles as a result.

5. Every Authentic Parchment is impossible to be identical to another.

6. The passage of time is the one that gives the pigment of antiquity (beige-like to slightly yellow).



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