Our Location is Amfissa, capital town of the municipality of Delphi, in Greece. For many years, the history of our town has been connected with the numerous tannery labs which were gathered at the top of the hill, in district of Charmaina, nearby the medieval castle of Amfissa.


We are the third generation of a family that works on the traditional leather processing. Our goal is to το move on the leather processing craft, based on new technologies and knowledge combined with the traditional ways.

Bearing all these, we worked on the creation of a new product or the evolvment of an old one that had been very popular in the area of writing in the past. Today, we produce, along with a special technician of leather processing, the authentic parchment, combining tradition, experience and technical knowledge.

Based on a material with centuries of history, known as the oldest and most official material of writing, we developed its quality and functionality and improved it, in order to meet the modern (functional and technological)  requirements.

After many years contribution  with Greek Universities  such as  Agricultural University of Athens, University of Patras, University of Thessaly, Greek  Armed Forces ,  European  Conferences in Greece , Costs and Summer Schools ,  we have gained much experience and we are pleased to be able to cope with any work (supplies, printing university degrees) awarded us.


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